End the Bedtime Battles

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I want this!

End the Bedtime Battles

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Does your toddler seem to hate sleep? Do you dread bedtime? 

Is every night a 3 ring circus of more water, more tissues, potty, “I’m hungry” (well why didn’t you eat the dinner I made you then?), one more story-song-book-hug-DEAR GOD CHILD JUST GO THE F TO SLEEP? 

Do you wake up terrified as a tiny child stares at you in your bed, like a creepy little silent ghost?

Have you bought every Bedtime Reward Chart, wakeup clock, and special product on the market, to no avail? Is your child unmoved by the promise of a sticker as a reward for not torturing you?

Why don’t kids appreciate that beautiful moment of resting their head on a pillow after a long day of playing, screaming, not eating, and going from Tasmanian devil to perfect-angel-I-can’t-believe-you’re-mine in a split second? The world will never know.

BUT! There is hope on the horizon!! A plan to get your bedtimes back. A plan to make your evenings lovely and enjoyable, something you can look forward to at the end of a long day.

And I am here to give you that plan.

In our 90 minutes together, you’ll learn:

  • How to make bedtime easy and delightful for the whole family
  • What the Robot Bus Driver is and how it will save your sanity
  • How to get your child to stay in their own bed, all night long
  • Why those reward charts and stickers and clocks didn’t work for you, and how to implement them effectively
  • Whether naps are your friend or your enemy (don’t worry, I won’t make you give them up if you don’t want to)
  • How to support your child emotionally through this change, without becoming a screaming monster or a total wet noodle. (bonus:: clients have reported this effect leaks over into all aspects of parenting and improves it!)
  • How to bounce back from illness, vacation, and anything else that derails your progress

You have two options:

1) Just the class, ma’am – access to the live Webinar recording - $50

2) Class PLUS a one-on-one call with me and two brief follow-ups. I’ll help you tailor what I discussed to your specific situation and answer all of your questions! - $250

Why am I qualified to teach this?

Because in addition to being a baby and toddler sleep coach and sleep coach trainer, I have a degree in Developmental Psychology and career background in Early Childhood Education. I spent over 20 years as a babysitter and nanny, and 3 years teaching public school preschool and Kindergarten. I know how kids learn, and I know what really works, and I know what frustrates parents. I have been in the trenches and lived to tell the tale.


After my son’s father left, the little guy started sleeping in my bed. I didn’t mind it at first and it was somewhat necessary for awhile, but I went totally lax and found him still in my bed six months later, going to sleep at 10 pm.

As a baby professional myself, it was a hard pill to swallow that I had negatively affected my child’s sleep via lapses in boundaries. Devon helped me in a way that actually got through (I’m stubborn!) and provided solid, personalized counsel. My son was 3.75 years old when I (re)trained him with Devon’s help. Now, we are back to about eleven hours of no-nonsense sleep in his own bed, and I’m back to enjoying my own space and getting better much sleep myself!

I’m a single mom, so don’t let obstacles hold you back from this. Sleep is the most precious gift I give my kid every night.”

I want this!


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